Codycross Sports Group 144 Puzzle 2 Answers

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Codycross Sports Answers

Question: 2016 Murder Rate Leader Central American Country
Solution: Honduras

Question: A Bird Flies A Horse Runs A Snake
Solution: Slithers

Question: Card Game With Pegs And Wooden Scoring Board
Solution: Cribbage

Question: Changed Or Altered
Solution: Modified

Question: Immune Systems Weapon Against Pathogens
Solution: Antibody

Question: Immune Systems Weapon To Neutralize Pathogens
Solution: Antibody

Question: In 1990s Captain Skyhawk You Repel An Alien
Solution: Invasion

Question: Job Board Social Media Site Endorsements Allowed
Solution: Linkedin

Question: Makes Someone Troubled Or Nervous
Solution: Agitates

Question: Married Infidelity
Solution: Adultery

Question: Maya Nut Used For Reforestation Programs
Solution: Breadnut

Question: Original Batman Actor
Solution: Adam west

Question: Self Absorbed Narcissists
Solution: Egotists

Question: Snatched Unlawfully Kidnapped
Solution: Abducted

Question: Surf Fishing Is Fish From The Shore Line
Solution: Catching

Question: Thin Hard Outer Layer Of A Breakfast Food
Solution: Eggshell

Question: Tumult Free
Solution: Tranquil

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