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Codycross Sports Answers

Question: 80s Party Drug Used By Sherlock Holmes
Solution: Cocaine

Question: A Meaningful Or Traditional Saying
Solution: Proverb

Question: Affect Someones Mind Strongly Influence
Solution: Impress

Question: Anthony Has Been In Seven Star Wars Films
Solution: Daniels

Question: Blake Sheltons Ex Miranda
Solution: Lambert

Question: Childbirth Medical Specialist Support Provider
Solution: Midwife

Question: City Where The NBA Was Founded In 1946
Solution: New york

Question: Distress Caused By The Mind Fear Of Danger
Solution: Anxiety

Question: Endorphin Is A Produced To Counteract Pain
Solution: Hormone

Question: Fake Treatment For A Medical Issue
Solution: Placebo

Question: Father Of Your Father
Solution: Grandpa

Question: Giving Clues
Solution: Hinting

Question: Inflated Style Of Little Meaning Claptrap
Solution: Fustian

Question: Involves Physical Force To Cause Harm
Solution: Violent

Question: Lord Of The Rings Frodo
Solution: Baggins

Question: Male Reflexive Pronoun
Solution: Himself

Question: Person Who Rides A Bicycle Professionally
Solution: Cyclist

Question: Power To Move Quickly Easily Nimbly
Solution: Agility

Question: Statue Of US Pride Present From France
Solution: Liberty

Question: Stupid Careless Mistake
Solution: Blunder

Question: The Golden Age Was Never The Age
Solution: Present

Question: To Applaud Salute With Sounds Of Joy Approval
Solution: Acclaim

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