Codycross Sports Group 143 Puzzle 5 Answers

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Codycross Sports Answers

Question: Act Of Flying Trip On An Airplane
Solution: Flight

Question: Bill Of Includes The First Ten Amendments
Solution: Rights

Question: Brazilian Model Dated By DiCaprio Bundchen
Solution: Gisele

Question: Centerfold Blues Band Leader
Solution: J geils

Question: Lightweight Bowl Made Of Interwoven Materials
Solution: Basket

Question: Made Coins
Solution: Minted

Question: Magician Of The Arthurian Legend
Solution: Merlin

Question: Monetary Gain After Business Expenses
Solution: Profit

Question: Quantity Of Articles Available For Sale
Solution: Supply

Question: Someone Who Wins Champion
Solution: Winner

Question: State Of Indifference
Solution: Apathy

Question: Tesla Car And Energy Company
Solution: Motors

Question: The Capital Of Colombia
Solution: Bogotá

Question: To Confirm Ratify Or State Positively
Solution: Affirm

Question: Walking Upwards Usually Outdoors
Solution: Hiking

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