Codycross Sports Group 143 Puzzle 4 Answers

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Codycross Sports Answers

Question: I Am Shortest Sentence In English
Solution: Complete

Question: A Break In The Middle Of A Game
Solution: Halftime

Question: A Cats Eye Repels Evil And Clears Obstacles
Solution: Gemstone

Question: Charlotte Brontes Fiction Novel About Her Life
Solution: Jane eyre

Question: Courteously Helpful
Solution: Obliging

Question: In Golf This Indicates A Players Ability
Solution: Handicap

Question: Italian Luxury Car Brand From Bologna
Solution: Maserati

Question: Leafage
Solution: Greenery

Question: Leonardo Da Vinci Is Erroneously Credited For This
Solution: Scissors

Question: Notorious San Francisco Bays Prison
Solution: Alcatraz

Question: Obstructive Action To Hinder A Nations War Effort
Solution: Sabotage

Question: Small Spoon Cooking Measure
Solution: Teaspoon

Question: Girl Large Contemporary Dolls
Solution: American

Question: Turtle Looks Part Alligator Strong Mandible
Solution: Snapping

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