Codycross Sports Group 143 Puzzle 2 Answers

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Codycross Sports Answers

Question: 1980 Comedy Starring Gene Wilder And Richard Pryor
Solution: Stir crazy

Question: 80s 90s Family Sitcom Featuring The Olsen Twins
Solution: Full house

Question: Cylinder Shaped Lilly Peace Lilly
Solution: Callalily

Question: Executive Committee For Communist Parties
Solution: Politburo

Question: Greek Island Known For Its White Coastal Houses
Solution: Santorini

Question: James The Deep Voice Of Darth Vader
Solution: Earl jones

Question: Largest City In The Netherlands By Population
Solution: Amsterdam

Question: Loose Fitting Trousers Worn By Comic Clowns
Solution: Pantaloon

Question: Medical Doctor
Solution: Physician

Question: Official Language Of Bulgaria
Solution: Bulgarian

Question: Original Copy Of A Product
Solution: Prototype

Question: Person Who Moves Scenery And Props
Solution: Stagehand

Question: Pita Like Bread Used In Sandwiches
Solution: Flatbread

Question: Shaped Hash Browns Favorite Among Kids
Solution: Tater tots

Question: Side Drum Gives Staccato Sound
Solution: Snare drum

Question: Space When You Enter A House Especially A Parlor
Solution: Front room

Question: Space When You Might Enter A House
Solution: Front room

Question: Study Of Inheritance Of Acquired Characteristics
Solution: Ctetology

Question: The King Of Reggae And Most Famous Jamaican Singer
Solution: Bob marley

Question: Is Two Teeth Pressing Together Very Painful
Solution: Impaction

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