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Codycross Sports Answers

Question: Aura That Surrounds The Sun And Other Stars
Solution: Corona

Question: Banned Not Allowed In
Solution: Barred

Question: Daughters Of A Brother Or Sister
Solution: Nieces

Question: Earliest Known Pyramid
Solution: Djoser

Question: Family Of Singers Donnie And Marie
Solution: Osmond

Question: Genre Designed To Make You Laugh
Solution: Comedy

Question: God Of Fire Member Of A Star Trek Fictional Race
Solution: Vulcan

Question: Grapefruit Soft Drink Means Fresh In Spanish
Solution: Fresca

Question: Indulging In More Than Ones Fair Share
Solution: Greedy

Question: Largest Rainforest In The World
Solution: Amazon

Question: Latin Term For Queen The R On Royals Signature
Solution: Regina

Question: Nemos Dad In Finding Nemo
Solution: Marlin

Question: North Korean Supreme Leader In 2016 Kim
Solution: Jong un

Question: Protective Covering For The Head
Solution: Helmet

Question: Pyramid Of Step Pyramid At Saqqara
Solution: Djoser

Question: Quirk Whim
Solution: Vagary

Question: Shackles With Links
Solution: Chains

Question: The Son Of A Sovereign Or King
Solution: Prince

Question: To Follow Or Chase After
Solution: Pursue

Question: To Set A Ship Afloat To Release A Rocket
Solution: Launch

Question: Year Of Canine Chinese Zodiac Sign
Solution: The dog

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