Codycross Sports Group 142 Puzzle 5 Answers

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Codycross Sports Answers

Question: A Corpse
Solution: Cadaver

Question: A Type Of Big Cat It Purrs But Does Not Roar
Solution: Cheetah

Question: Any Article Of Clothing
Solution: Garment

Question: Eating Disorder With Binge Eating And Purging
Solution: Bulimia

Question: FOMO Fear Of Out Marketing Tool
Solution: Missing

Question: Fancy Way To Say Glue
Solution: Adherer

Question: French Rococo Painter Of Gilles
Solution: Watteau

Question: Gland At Base Of The Neck That Makes Hormones
Solution: Thyroid

Question: Jesus Work In Raising The Dead Involved This Man
Solution: Lazarus

Question: Julie Andrews 2nd Husband Film Director Blake
Solution: Edwards

Question: Land Along The Sea Or Ocean
Solution: Seashore

Question: Not Preserved By Salting Drying Or Smoking
Solution: Uncured

Question: One Of The Albums Recorded By The Doors
Solution: La woman

Question: Original Host Of The Newlywed Game Bob
Solution: Eubanks

Question: Platform On The Side Of A Building
Solution: Balcony

Question: Pulp Film Directed By Quentin Tarantino
Solution: Fiction

Question: Snow Shaped To Resemble A Human Figure
Solution: Snowman

Question: The Biographical Movie About A Polish Musician
Solution: Pianist

Question: To Give Approval To Do Something
Solution: Consent

Question: Where Figure Skaters Go To Train
Solution: Ice rink

Question: Shirley Garry Marshall Sitcom
Solution: Laverne

Question: Spears Me Against The Music Ft Madonna
Solution: Britney

Question: Craft Boat Designed For Amphibious Battles
Solution: Landing

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