Codycross Sports Group 142 Puzzle 4 Answers

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Codycross Sports Answers

Question: A Small Part Or Feature Of Something
Solution: Detail

Question: Aerialists Swing Bar Without A Flat Seat
Solution: Fly bar

Question: College Diploma Fahrenheit Celsius
Solution: Degree

Question: Cross Between A Zebra And A Donkey
Solution: Zonkey

Question: Egyptian God Of Embalming
Solution: Anubis

Question: Forty Minus Thirty Plus Ten
Solution: Twenty

Question: Heavy Metal Device To Secure A Ship From Drifting
Solution: Anchor

Question: In The Past Informal Gathering For Men
Solution: Smoker

Question: Insane Or Demented
Solution: Crazed

Question: Ladys Sweet Appendage
Solution: Finger

Question: Large Piece Of Land Filled With Trees
Solution: Forest

Question: Like A Frenzied Animal
Solution: Crazed

Question: Loosely Fit Dress Worn A Lot In Hawaii
Solution: Muumuu

Question: Martell Played By Pedro Pascal In Game Of Thrones
Solution: Oberyn

Question: Organs Consisting Of Cows Teats
Solution: Udders

Question: Pack Stack Game For Three To Six Players
Solution: Moving

Question: Slang Term For Marijuana User
Solution: Reefer

Question: Small African Country Capital Kigali
Solution: Rwanda

Question: Special Ones Work With FBI
Solution: Agents

Question: Spirits Of Nature Depicted As Beautiful Maidens
Solution: Nymphs

Question: Square Root Of 144
Solution: Twelve

Question: Think About To An Unhealthy Degree
Solution: Obsess

Question: To Do Dangerous Movements In Surfing Or Skiing
Solution: Hot dog

Question: Transparent Tape With Multiple Uses
Solution: Scotch

Question: Trickster Spider From African Folklore
Solution: Anansi

Question: Jean Not Jacksons Lover
Solution: Billie

Question: Of Pearl Decorative Gem Also Known As Nacre
Solution: Mother

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