Codycross Sports Group 142 Puzzle 3 Answers

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Codycross Sports Answers

Question: Bitterly Cold Windstorm With Snow And Ice
Solution: Blizzard

Question: Literary Figure Repeated In Reverse Order
Solution: Chiasmus

Question: Main Product Of St James Gate Brewery In Dublin
Solution: Guinness

Question: Name Of Cloth Placed Behind Primary Mast
Solution: Mainsail

Question: Norwegian Rodents
Solution: Lemmings

Question: Nothing Nothing Gained
Solution: Ventured

Question: Optical Bruising From Blunt Force To Face
Solution: Black eye

Question: Out On The Water
Solution: Offshore

Question: Ryan Reynolds 2016 Superhero Movie
Solution: Deadpool

Question: Slang Term For Cheater Drug Anabolic Steroids
Solution: Gym candy

Question: Spoons Knives And Forks
Solution: Utensils

Question: Suffocation
Solution: Asphyxia

Question: The Pangs You Have When You Are Ravenous
Solution: Munchies

Question: Tightrope Walking At Greater Height Over 20 Feet
Solution: Highwire

Question: To Prepare Food So As To Avoid Decomposition
Solution: Preserve

Question: Type Of Radiation Made The Incredible Hulk
Solution: Gamma ray

Question: What Doesnt Kill You Makes You
Solution: Stronger

Question: Woody Herb Often Used On Chicken
Solution: Rosemary

Question: Franklin First American And Founding Father
Solution: Benjamin

Question: Of Arabia Won The Academy Awards In 1963
Solution: Lawrence

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