Codycross Sports Group 142 Puzzle 2 Answers

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Codycross Sports Answers

Question: 1980s Primetime Soap Opera
Solution: Dynasty

Question: Added Or Mingled With Something Else
Solution: Admixed

Question: Antonym Of Presence
Solution: Absence

Question: Branch Of Maths Where 2x 5y 3z
Solution: Algebra

Question: Child Legally Brought Into A Family
Solution: Adopted

Question: Common Clouds That Appear To Be Fluffy
Solution: Cumulus

Question: Famous Baseball Bat From Louisville
Solution: Slugger

Question: Fanatics Those Dependent On Drugs
Solution: Addicts

Question: Farrelly Brothers 90s Bowling Comedy
Solution: Kingpin

Question: Flat Feet Have An Of An Arch In The Sole
Solution: Absence

Question: Following Orders Rhymes With Surveying
Solution: Obeying

Question: It Means Servant Of God Or Worshipper Of Yahweh
Solution: Obadiah

Question: Keatons Comeback 2015 Best Picture
Solution: Birdman

Question: Loving Idolising
Solution: Adoring

Question: Mike Leighs Party Play Was For This Character
Solution: Abigail

Question: Operating System Developed By Google
Solution: Android

Question: Pays No Attention To
Solution: Ignores

Question: Photo Of The Food You Are Eating
Solution: Foodfie

Question: Poisonous Gas Containing Carbon And Nitrogen
Solution: Cyanide

Question: These People Are Certainly Not Brave
Solution: Cowards

Question: To Teach Inform
Solution: Educate

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