Codycross Sports Group 142 Puzzle 1 Answers

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Codycross Sports Answers

Question: Hope Eternal
Solution: Springs

Question: A Lot Generous Amounts High Quantity
Solution: Aplenty

Question: A Prison Is Sought After By Law Enforcement
Solution: Escapee

Question: A Skilled Performer Of Gymnastic Feats
Solution: Acrobat

Question: Add Value By Renovating And Reusing Old Objects
Solution: Upcycle

Question: Antelopes With A Zulu Name
Solution: Impalas

Question: Expressed Scorn Or Contempt
Solution: Sneered

Question: Hopes Anagram Of Praises
Solution: Aspires

Question: Mary Movie About A Magical Nanny
Solution: Poppins

Question: Organs Responsible For Cleaning The Blood
Solution: Kidneys

Question: Stupidly Worthlessly
Solution: Inanely

Question: To Cut Or Separate Tissues For Study
Solution: Dissect

Question: United States Of
Solution: America

Question: Used By Policemen And Referees To Get Attention
Solution: Whistle

Question: Without Regard To The Law
Solution: Lawless

Question: Dickens Author Of David Copperfield
Solution: Charles

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