Codycross Sports Group 141 Puzzle 5 Answers

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Codycross Sports Answers

Question: A Tree Is A Japanese Art Form
Solution: Bonsai

Question: Cabinet Found At Offices For Storing Documents
Solution: Filing

Question: Cooking Using Both Moist And Dry Heat
Solution: Braise

Question: Frederic Only Wore A Beard On His Right Side
Solution: Chopin

Question: Half Tamed Bucking Horse
Solution: Bronco

Question: Heavy A Serious Player Boxer Who Hits Hard
Solution: Hitter

Question: Honorific Arabic Title Means Elder
Solution: Sheikh

Question: Important Jobs You Run To Do
Solution: Errand

Question: Iron Age Double Edged Sword Of Ancient Greeks
Solution: Xiphos

Question: Life Insurance Fund Closed To New Business
Solution: Zombie

Question: Lost At Sea
Solution: Adrift

Question: Lot Of Money Even For A King
Solution: Ransom

Question: Part Of A Car That Covers The Wheel Well
Solution: Fender

Question: Puddingwife Is An Atlantic Ocean Fish
Solution: Wrasse

Question: Replicas Of Vehicles Made To Scale
Solution: Models

Question: Slang For Police
Solution: Copper

Question: Something That Makes You Better When Sick
Solution: Remedy

Question: Territory Containing People Under A Government
Solution: Nation

Question: The Lone Ranger Starred Depp As Tonto
Solution: Johnny

Question: Third Largest Ocean The Mine Of Gems
Solution: Indian

Question: To Smudge Kiss Or Smear
Solution: Smooch

Question: Mache Craft Material Made From Pulped Paper
Solution: Papier

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