Codycross Sports Group 141 Puzzle 4 Answers

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Codycross Sports Answers

Question: 1940s Indian Leader Gandhi Not Mahatma
Solution: Mohandas

Question: A Film Genre And Also A Michael Jacksons Song
Solution: Thriller

Question: A Lion May Come To Be To A Mouse
Solution: Beholden

Question: A Native Of The Capital Of France
Solution: Parisian

Question: Affected
Solution: Impacted

Question: American Machine Gun Used On The Western Front
Solution: Browning

Question: Bee Glue Or Hive Dross
Solution: Propolis

Question: Brazilian With Big Moustache Bending Free Kicks
Solution: Rivelino

Question: Device Used By Police To Restrain People
Solution: Handcuff

Question: Emil First Man To Win An Oscar For Best Actor
Solution: Jannings

Question: Exhaust Collects Gas From Car Engine
Solution: Manifold

Question: Gem Associated With The Planet Saturn
Solution: Sapphire

Question: Greek Muse Of Epic Poetry
Solution: Calliope

Question: Grouping Card Game That Has Board
Solution: Cribbage

Question: Hand Held Tools Used For Cooking Or Eating Food
Solution: Utensils

Question: How People Who Live Abroad Feel Many Times
Solution: Homesick

Question: Italian Fashion House With Love Brand
Solution: Moschino

Question: Lubricated Metal Balls That Prevent Friction
Solution: Bearings

Question: Multi Headed Dog At The Entrance Of The Underworld
Solution: Cerberus

Question: Not As Bad As A Migraine
Solution: Headache

Question: Official Currency Of China
Solution: Renminbi

Question: Oliver Daddy Annies Adopted Father
Solution: Warbucks

Question: Once Believed To Guard Against Infection
Solution: Pomander

Question: Poem In Which Vertical Intersects Horizontal
Solution: Mesostic

Question: Renoir Painted By The
Solution: Seashore

Question: Scottish Whisky Liqueur
Solution: Drambuie

Question: Sliced Exactly Into Two Halves
Solution: Bisected

Question: Study Of Religion
Solution: Theology

Question: The Capital Of Seychelles
Solution: Victoria

Question: Unpleasant Period
Solution: Thin time

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