Codycross Sports Group 141 Puzzle 2 Answers

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Codycross Sports Answers

Question: A Doctor Who Performs Operations
Solution: Surgeon

Question: A List Of Items To Be Added To Written Works
Solution: Addenda

Question: A Sentence Which Uses Every Letter In The Alphabet
Solution: Pangram

Question: Act Of Creating A Picture With A Pencil Or Pen
Solution: Drawing

Question: Advanced Robot Self Aware Data From Star Trek
Solution: Android

Question: Another Name For The Skull
Solution: Cranium

Question: Dutch Gin One Spelling Of
Solution: Jenever

Question: Famous Channel Separates UK And France
Solution: English

Question: Gemstone Having Had Faces Cut Into It
Solution: Faceted

Question: Large Eye Covering Item To Protect The Eyes
Solution: Goggles

Question: Looks Up To
Solution: Admires

Question: Natalie Played Padme Amidala In Star Wars
Solution: Portman

Question: Originally Established As New Amsterdam
Solution: New york

Question: Pilot Of An Airplane
Solution: Aviator

Question: Political TV Show About A Crisis Management
Solution: Scandal

Question: Popular Folk Wrestling Laamb From This Country
Solution: Senegal

Question: Small Cyst Or Sac Filled With Fluid
Solution: Vesicle

Question: Square Pasta Looks Like Small Lasagna
Solution: Tacconi

Question: The Last Car Of A Train
Solution: Caboose

Question: Top Part Of The Skull That Protects The Brain
Solution: Cranium

Question: Water Bird With Large Pouch
Solution: Pelican

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