Codycross Space Exploration Group 915 Puzzle 2 Answers

Codycross Answers Space Exploration

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Codycross Space Exploration Answers

Question: 1995 Cult Classic Film With Jay And Silent Bob
Solution: Mallrats

Question: Action Used To Make Butter Manually
Solution: Churning

Question: Antiquated Word For A Whitetail Deer
Solution: Carjacou

Question: Completely Honest
Solution: Truthful

Question: Fey Sade Undercover Agent In Doctor Who Comics
Solution: Truscott

Question: Hot Aired Ones Are Ridden In The Sky
Solution: Balloons

Question: Medieval Title Of European Border Defender
Solution: Margrave

Question: Nickname For A Royal Marine
Solution: Bootneck

Question: Oversized Sunglasses Originally For Pilots
Solution: Aviators

Question: Second Largest Moon Of Jupiter
Solution: Callisto

Question: The River Danube Flows Into It
Solution: Black sea

Question: To Rescue Her Father Shell Travel By Tesseract
Solution: Meg murry

Question: Foster Jenkins Famed For Her Awful Singing
Solution: Florence

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