Codycross Space Exploration Group 905 Puzzle 4 Answers

Codycross Answers Space Exploration

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Codycross Space Exploration Answers

Question: 2005 Joss Whedon Post Firefly Space Western
Solution: Serenity

Question: Code That Must Include A Capital Letter And Number
Solution: Password

Question: Ground Beef Dish Operatic Rocker
Solution: Meat loaf

Question: Imaginary Person Feared By Naughty Children
Solution: Bogeyman

Question: In The In Trouble And Sleeping With The Pooch
Solution: Doghouse

Question: Linda US Singer Of Blue Bayou
Solution: Ronstadt

Question: Long Running Drama Series About LA Lifeguards
Solution: Baywatch

Question: Map Element Shows Its Size Ratio To The Real World
Solution: Bar scale

Question: Roman Emperor Who Wanted To Make His Horse Consul
Solution: Caligula

Question: Shirley First Black Woman Elected To US Congress
Solution: Chisholm

Question: Somniphobia Is The Fear Of Doing This
Solution: Sleeping

Question: Ten To The Power Of 12
Solution: Trillion

Question: The Brothers Who Owned A Circus Company
Solution: Ringling

Question: The Time When Cinderella Lost Her Slipper
Solution: Midnight

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