Codycross Small World Group 699 Puzzle 3 Answers

Codycross Answers Small World

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Codycross Small World Answers

Question: Alvin Simon Or Theodore Perhaps
Solution: Chipmunk

Question: Calling Points On Railway Journeys
Solution: Stations

Question: Disdain Scornfulness
Solution: Contempt

Question: Excessively Smooching
Solution: Bekisses

Question: Finger Device To Open A Drinks Can
Solution: Ring pull

Question: Official List Teachers Read It Out Loud
Solution: Register

Question: Pay For A Copy Of A Book Ahead Of Its Release Date
Solution: Pre order

Question: People Playing Congas And Djembes Are
Solution: Drumming

Question: The 3rd Film Of This Animated Series Is From 2010
Solution: Toy story

Question: Zooming Around Very Fast
Solution: Whizzing

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