Codycross Small World Group 697 Puzzle 4 Answers

Codycross Answers Small World

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Codycross Small World Answers

Question: Able Qualified Adapted To A Use Or Purpose
Solution: Suitable

Question: Animated Drawings Used In Childrens Films
Solution: Cartoons

Question: Brutal Pokemon That Evolves Into A Mega State
Solution: Sharpedo

Question: Dig A Hole
Solution: Excavate

Question: Echo Reverberate
Solution: Resonate

Question: Five Kilometer Hued Paint Race
Solution: Color run

Question: Picture Or Painting Of Someones Face
Solution: Portrait

Question: Port Siege
Solution: Blockade

Question: Property Game Rules Devised By Elizabeth Magie
Solution: Monopoly

Question: Robert Poet Who Had Home Thoughts From Abroad
Solution: Browning

Question: Sash Or Belt Used To Support A Sword
Solution: Baldrick

Question: Under The Ground Watering System
Solution: Irrigate

Question: With An How A Dictator May Rule A Country
Solution: Iron fist

Question: Snake Eel Burrows In Sandy Sediments
Solution: Napoleon

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