Codycross Seasons Group 80 Puzzle 5 Answers

Codycross Answers Seasons

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Codycross Seasons Answers

Question: A Group Of Migratory Insects That Devastate Crops
Solution: Locusts

Question: A Toenail That Digs Into The Skin Is Said To Be
Solution: Ingrown

Question: Air Household Appliance To Purify Air
Solution: Ioniser

Question: Another Word For Plexiglas
Solution: Perspex

Question: Birth Surname Of Pope John Paul II
Solution: Wojtyla

Question: Bogarts Role In The Big Sleep Philip
Solution: Marlowe

Question: Discontinued First IPod With Flash Memory IPod
Solution: Shuffle

Question: Duke Of Gave Up Throne For His Love
Solution: Windsor

Question: Floating Bridge And A Card Game
Solution: Pontoon

Question: Gentle Steady Rain In A Mist
Solution: Drizzle

Question: Grabbed Tightly
Solution: Gripped

Question: Historic NYC Hotel And A City Landmark
Solution: Chelsea

Question: Holy Roman Imperial Majesty For 1000 Years
Solution: Emperor

Question: Kenneth Grahame Kiddie Lit The Wind In The
Solution: Willows

Question: Laid Her Eggs On The Waves
Solution: Halcyon

Question: Mark Changing The Sound Of C In Spanish
Solution: Cedilla

Question: Nutrient Compound Found In Some Foods
Solution: Vitamin

Question: Nutrient Found In Some Foods And Medicines
Solution: Vitamin

Question: Pieces Of Land Mostly Covered With Grass
Solution: Meadows

Question: Planet Named After The Roman God Of The Sea
Solution: Neptune

Question: Ships Captain
Solution: Skipper

Question: These Hold The Wheels On Your Car
Solution: Lugnuts

Question: This Profession Checks Systems Or Brains
Solution: Analyst

Question: Vladimir Writer Of Lolita
Solution: Nabokov

Question: Logs Grooved Wooden Toys To Construct
Solution: Lincoln

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