Codycross Seasons Group 79 Puzzle 2 Answers

Codycross Answers Seasons

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Codycross Seasons Answers

Question: Amount Of Liquid From Thawed Ice
Solution: Meltage

Question: Belgian City And Port On The Scheldt Estuary
Solution: Antwerp

Question: Ceramic Spouted Vessels Serve Up Rosie Lea
Solution: Teapots

Question: Condition Of Extreme Tiredness Weariness
Solution: Fatigue

Question: Donations To Aid Poor Ill Animals Etc
Solution: Charity

Question: Famous Italian Hazelnut Spread
Solution: Nutella

Question: Gland That Produces Milk
Solution: Mammary

Question: He Shoes Horses
Solution: Farrier

Question: Hermes Counterpart In Roman Mythology
Solution: Mercury

Question: Home Of The CIA
Solution: Langley

Question: In This Movie Woody Allen Becomes A Revolutionary
Solution: Bananas

Question: Indoor Entertainment Venues
Solution: Arcades

Question: Indoor Entertainment Venues With Slot Machines
Solution: Arcades

Question: May Day Festival Among The Celts
Solution: Beltane

Question: Microscopic Algae With Silica On Cell Walls
Solution: Diatoms

Question: Office Home Tool To Clip Papers Together
Solution: Stapler

Question: One Who Emails Annoyingly
Solution: Spammer

Question: Purchase For Less Than Retail Price Great Buy
Solution: Bargain

Question: Second Indochina War Location
Solution: Vietnam

Question: Spanish Region Synonymous With Red Wine
Solution: La rioja

Question: Square Of Chocolate Dessert With US Origins
Solution: Brownie

Question: Title Character Of Goncharovs Romance
Solution: Oblomov

Question: Grace Somber Christian Hymn
Solution: Amazing

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