Codycross Seasons Group 79 Puzzle 1 Answers

Codycross Answers Seasons

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Codycross Seasons Answers

Question: 2nd Largest Continent In Both Area And Population
Solution: Africa

Question: A Globe Shaped Like A Ball
Solution: Sphere

Question: Ancient City State That Won The Peloponnesian War
Solution: Sparta

Question: Caipirinha Country
Solution: Brazil

Question: Dwarf Planet Named After A Tongva Deity
Solution: Quaoar

Question: Heart Ship In Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy
Solution: Of gold

Question: Jingle Bells Transport One Horse Open
Solution: Sleigh

Question: Measurement Grading Rank
Solution: Rating

Question: NYC Borough Of Baseballs Mets
Solution: Queens

Question: Point Of Beginning First Stage Source
Solution: Origin

Question: President Of Afghanistan In 2016 Ghani
Solution: Ashraf

Question: Soft Type Of Silvery Metal Used To Make Figurines
Solution: Pewter

Question: Sudden Repetitive Intake Of Air Irritating
Solution: Hiccup

Question: The End Of A Sports Shoe Where The Tootsies Fit
Solution: Toebox

Question: This Country Disputes Kosovo With Albania
Solution: Serbia

Question: This Fig Treat Is Named After A Town Not Scientist
Solution: Newton

Question: Witches Cast These On People Good Or Bad
Solution: Spells

Question: Worth 100 Agorot
Solution: Shekel

Question: Doodle Fife And Drum Song Of The Revolution
Solution: Yankee

Question: Mermaid Hoax Monkey Head Sewn To A Fish Body
Solution: Feejee

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