Codycross Seasons Group 78 Puzzle 4 Answers

Codycross Answers Seasons

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Codycross Seasons Answers

Question: Ancient Israel Middle Eastern Promised Land
Solution: Canaan

Question: Blood Filtering Organ
Solution: Spleen

Question: Gray Fish That Sucks Debris
Solution: Mullet

Question: High Priests In Ancient Celtic Culture
Solution: Druids

Question: Month To Which Octavius Added One Day
Solution: August

Question: Native Language Of The Poles
Solution: Polish

Question: Paul Fast Furious Actor Died 2013
Solution: Walker

Question: Plunging Into A Swimming Pool
Solution: Diving

Question: Poet Who Guided Dante Through Hell
Solution: Virgil

Question: Reggae Legend Who Died Of Cancer Father Of Ziggy
Solution: Marley

Question: Rich Lobster Soup
Solution: Bisque

Question: Run Fast
Solution: Sprint

Question: Search High And Low Look In Every Nook And
Solution: Cranny

Question: Sport Based On A Graceful Fall Into A Pool
Solution: Diving

Question: The Capital Of Alaska
Solution: Juneau

Question: The Connection Winner Of The 44th Academy Awards
Solution: French

Question: To Distribute Arrange In Groups
Solution: Assort

Question: Wild Cats With Tufted Ears
Solution: Lynxes

Question: Xeroxes
Solution: Copies

Question: Cash Famously Entertained Inmates
Solution: Johnny

Question: Dance With Somebody Hit For Whitney In 1987
Solution: I wanna

Question: Party Social Function In Agatha Christie Books
Solution: Dinner

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