Codycross Seasons Group 78 Puzzle 1 Answers

Codycross Answers Seasons

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Codycross Seasons Answers

Question: A Guest That Is Never Welcome
Solution: Constant

Question: A Type Of Cabbage That Has A Large Round Stem
Solution: Kohlrabi

Question: Anagram Of Rain Hard
Solution: Harridan

Question: Big Mouthed Face Painted Batman Villain
Solution: The joker

Question: Clapping Spanish Dance Performed By Couples
Solution: Fandango

Question: Cushioned Protected The Blow
Solution: Softened

Question: Find Treasure In Summer Fair Sawdust
Solution: Lucky dip

Question: First 24 Hours Of The Weekend
Solution: Saturday

Question: Gem Literally Meaning Remedy Against Drunkenness
Solution: Amethyst

Question: In Hinduism The Dead Are Not Buried But This
Solution: Cremated

Question: Im Of A White Christmas Hoping For Snow
Solution: Dreaming

Question: Jimmy Carters Wife
Solution: Rosalynn

Question: Neil Diamonds Sweet Muse
Solution: Caroline

Question: Nissans Luxury Car Brand
Solution: Infiniti

Question: Part Of The Bodywork Of A Formula 1 Car
Solution: Diffuser

Question: Putting Faith Confidence In Others
Solution: Trusting

Question: System Involves Movement Posture Circulation
Solution: Muscular

Question: Taking Wastes Out Of Blood With A Machine
Solution: Dialysis

Question: Train Amateur Interest In Railroads
Solution: Spotting

Question: Underhand Interference To Deliberately Destroy
Solution: Sabotage

Question: What J R Stood For In Mr Ewings Name In Dallas
Solution: John ross

Question: What PB Stands For In Computing
Solution: Petabyte

Question: Heel Body Part Named After Trojan War Hero
Solution: Achilles

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