Codycross Seasons Group 77 Puzzle 1 Answers

Codycross Answers Seasons

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Codycross Seasons Answers

Question: A Majestic Tree Named After A Great Man
Solution: Sequoia

Question: Antonym Of Furthest
Solution: Nearest

Question: Blood Is Than Water
Solution: Thicker

Question: Daily Record Of Experiences Observations
Solution: Journal

Question: Depiction Of Death In A Weird Or Horrible Way
Solution: Macabre

Question: Disbelief Or Lack Of Belief In Gods
Solution: Atheism

Question: Dry Indian Rice Curry With Mixed Veg Meat
Solution: Biryani

Question: Eight Warhols Multiple Tribute To The King
Solution: Elvises

Question: Flatfish Righteye Flounder
Solution: Halibut

Question: Flower Of The Onagraceae Family
Solution: Fuchsia

Question: Flower Of The Primrose Family
Solution: Fuchsia

Question: George Former Boxer And Grill Endorser
Solution: Foreman

Question: He Should Have Chosen A Better Wife
Solution: Cuckold

Question: John Paul George And Ringo
Solution: Beatles

Question: Military Simulation Sport With 6mm Plastic BBs
Solution: Airsoft

Question: Much Ado About A Shakespearean Comedy
Solution: Nothing

Question: State Is Known For Its Big Hole In The Ground
Solution: Arizona

Question: Sugars Containing Aldehyde Or Equivalents
Solution: Aldoses

Question: This Snack Cheese Comes Covered In A Red Wax
Solution: Babybel

Question: Traditional White Gowns Worn By Brides
Solution: Dresses

Question: Variety Of Quartz Ranging From Yellow To Brownish
Solution: Citrine

Question: In The Middle Sitcom Starring Frankie Muniz
Solution: Malcolm

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