Codycross Seasons Group 76 Puzzle 5 Answers

Codycross Answers Seasons

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Codycross Seasons Answers

Question: A Neo Noir Mystery Film Directed By Roman Polanski
Solution: Chinatown

Question: A Storage Area For Supplies And Goods
Solution: Stockroom

Question: Art Deco Construction On SFs Telegraph Hill
Solution: Coit tower

Question: Float Like A Sting Like A Bee
Solution: Butterfly

Question: Four Line Stanza In Poetry
Solution: Long metre

Question: Ground Beef Steak Covered With Gravy
Solution: Salisbury

Question: Hideous And Unpleasant To Look At
Solution: Grotesque

Question: Italian Baroque Painter Tommaso
Solution: Dolabella

Question: James Bond Film With Scenes Of Iguazu Falls
Solution: Moonraker

Question: Liver Disease Types Can Range From A To E
Solution: Hepatitis

Question: Madeira Sponge Topped With Chocolate And Marzipan
Solution: Tunis cake

Question: Marvin Gaye Sang About This Source For Gossip
Solution: Grapevine

Question: Old Term For A Cat
Solution: Grimalkin

Question: Share A Secret With This Trusting Person
Solution: Confidant

Question: Someone You Know From Work Coworker
Solution: Colleague

Question: The Capital Of Minnesota
Solution: Saint paul

Question: Trade Name For Crease Resistant Fabric Of The 60s
Solution: Crimplene

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