Codycross Seasons Group 76 Puzzle 4 Answers

Codycross Answers Seasons

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Codycross Seasons Answers

Question: A Direct Current Electric Generator
Solution: Dynamo

Question: An Electric Generator Mainly For Direct Current
Solution: Dynamo

Question: Author Eric Blairs Nom De Plume George
Solution: Orwell

Question: Body Of Water Small River Brook
Solution: Stream

Question: Lord Aka William Joyce Hanged For Treason
Solution: Haw haw

Question: Minneapolis Was Hometown Of This Royal Musician
Solution: Prince

Question: Outer Thin Bone In Your Lower Leg
Solution: Fibula

Question: Peter Brother Of Flopsy Mopsy And Cotton Tail
Solution: Rabbit

Question: Put A Spoke In Someones Wheel
Solution: Thwart

Question: Rick Bogarts Role In Casablanca
Solution: Blaine

Question: She Or He Carries The Golfers Clubs
Solution: Caddie

Question: State Of A Bone When It Is Put In A Cast
Solution: Broken

Question: Sum Of All Parts Quantity Measure
Solution: Amount

Question: To Run Away
Solution: Escape

Question: Transport Or Carry Or Get A Point Across
Solution: Convey

Question: Wearing Hand Protection
Solution: Gloved

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