Codycross Seasons Group 76 Puzzle 3 Answers

Codycross Answers Seasons

Codycross Seasons Answers displayed and are sorted by the order they appear on the game.
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Codycross Seasons Answers

Question: Beware Of Greeks Gifts
Solution: Bearing

Question: Christian Birth Sacrament Involving Water
Solution: Baptism

Question: Cross Long Distance Skiing
Solution: Country

Question: He Painted Spirit Of The Dead Watching
Solution: Gauguin

Question: Italian Potato Pasta
Solution: Gnocchi

Question: Keeps Balls In The Air
Solution: Juggles

Question: Lead Actress In The Film Belle Du Jour 1967
Solution: Deneuve

Question: Medieval Term For Desert Dweller
Solution: Saracen

Question: Needlework Done With A Hook And Yarn
Solution: Crochet

Question: Opiate That Treats Mild To Moderate Pain And Cough
Solution: Codeine

Question: Running Away From Escaping
Solution: Fleeing

Question: Small Dents On The Cheeks When Someone Smiles
Solution: Dimples

Question: Small House Lumpy White Cheese
Solution: Cottage

Question: Someone Who Brings Something New Into Existence
Solution: Creator

Question: Stanley WW2 War Artist Created Religious Works
Solution: Spencer

Question: Strips Of Sand Or Pebbles Alongside The Sea Edge
Solution: Beaches

Question: They Cover Our Bodies
Solution: Clothes

Question: US Actress Of When Harry Met Sally
Solution: Meg ryan

Question: Wrinkles Spots Of Bother
Solution: Hitches

Question: Garden Collection Of Plants
Solution: Botanic

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