Codycross Seasons Group 76 Puzzle 2 Answers

Codycross Answers Seasons

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Codycross Seasons Answers

Question: A Common Brooch Design
Solution: Sunburst

Question: Actor Who Played Michael Corleone In The Godfather
Solution: Al pacino

Question: Author Of Popular Western Adventure Novels
Solution: Zane grey

Question: Bacony Egg Custard Baked In A Pie Crust Quiche
Solution: Lorraine

Question: Chary Diffident
Solution: Cautious

Question: Creator Of The Labyrinth In Greek Mythology
Solution: Daedalus

Question: Excessive Thirst When Water In Body Isnt Normal
Solution: Dipsosis

Question: Free Reed Windpipe Instrument That Has A Keyboard
Solution: Melodica

Question: Furniture For Hanging Articles Of Clothing
Solution: Hall tree

Question: Herb Used In Some Fish Dishes
Solution: Tarragon

Question: Incorrigible Rogue In Shakespeares Henry IV
Solution: Falstaff

Question: Mr Burns Loyal Assistant
Solution: Smithers

Question: One Of The Days Of The Week
Solution: Saturday

Question: Perspiring
Solution: Sweating

Question: Piazza In Venice
Solution: San marco

Question: Plant Used To Flavour Vinegar And Mustard
Solution: Tarragon

Question: Rainbow Of Colors In Visible Light
Solution: Spectrum

Question: Returns Something To Its Former Glory
Solution: Restores

Question: Robin Comedic Legend Oscar For Serious Role
Solution: Williams

Question: Sarah Wed The Duke Of York In 1986
Solution: Ferguson

Question: Sea Separating Italy From The Balkans
Solution: Adriatic

Question: Snag Disadvantage
Solution: Drawback

Question: Taster Treats And At Rest Are Of Each Other
Solution: Anagrams

Question: The Client The Person Buying The Goods
Solution: Customer

Question: They Appear When One Is Clenching A Fist
Solution: Knuckles

Question: Type Of Catapult Used In The Medieval Period
Solution: Mangonel

Question: Vegetable Like Fruit Eaten Pickled Or In A Salad
Solution: Cucumber

Question: Year JFK Became US President Nineteen
Solution: Sixty one

Question: Cooper CNN Personality
Solution: Anderson

Question: Ford Han Solo Actor
Solution: Harrison

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