Codycross Seasons Group 75 Puzzle 5 Answers

Codycross Answers Seasons

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Codycross Seasons Answers

Question: A Tenet Contrary To Received Opinion
Solution: Paradox

Question: A Vent In The Earth
Solution: Volcano

Question: Amy Flew Solo From England To Australia
Solution: Johnson

Question: Anagram Of Ratchet
Solution: Chatter

Question: Ancient Wind Musical Instrument
Solution: Ocarina

Question: Bob Marley Shot Him But Not The Deputy
Solution: Sheriff

Question: Bob Marley Shot This Figure Of Authority
Solution: Sheriff

Question: Body Tissue Composed Of Fat Cells
Solution: Adipose

Question: Changed To Fit The Environment
Solution: Adapted

Question: Creator Of The Middle Earth
Solution: Tolkien

Question: Cross Species Animal Dishonest Online Friend
Solution: Catfish

Question: Dishonest Online Friend
Solution: Catfish

Question: First Recorded Arctic Explorers
Solution: Vikings

Question: Hand Reader
Solution: Palmist

Question: Michael Phelps Regarding His Occupation
Solution: Athlete

Question: Military Formation Of A Few Battalions
Solution: Brigade

Question: Old Valuable Collectible
Solution: Antique

Question: Orange Veg Sometimes Left Out For Reindeer
Solution: Carrots

Question: Rocky Mountain Aka Bull Testicles
Solution: Oysters

Question: Scented Aromatic Fragrant Perfumed
Solution: Odorous

Question: Succeeded David In The Throne
Solution: Solomon

Question: The Type Of Plant Where Homer Simpson Works
Solution: Nuclear

Question: Waterfall Over A Rocky Surface
Solution: Cascade

Question: What The Early Bird Does To The Worm
Solution: Catches

Question: Paltrow American Actress And Oscar Winner
Solution: Gwyneth

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