Codycross Seasons Group 75 Puzzle 1 Answers

Codycross Answers Seasons

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Codycross Seasons Answers

Question: A Disciple Despite His Ill Famed Job
Solution: Matthew

Question: A Fine Lustrous Silk Fabric With A Crisp Texture
Solution: Taffeta

Question: A Sinister Kind Of Humour
Solution: Gallows

Question: Billionaire Inventor Tony Starks Alter Ego
Solution: Iron man

Question: Dark Areas Where Light Is Blocked From The Sun
Solution: Shadows

Question: Figure Who Brings Good Dreams Through Magical Sand
Solution: Sandman

Question: Medium Sized Wildcat Found In Middle East Africa
Solution: Caracal

Question: Military Rhythmic Song Used When Running
Solution: Cadence

Question: Money Given For A Service Or Goods
Solution: Payment

Question: Peers Through Half Closed Eyes
Solution: Squints

Question: Periods Of Time With Accentuated Cold Elements
Solution: Ice ages

Question: Pocket Of Fluid Under A Layer Of Skin
Solution: Blister

Question: Study Of Matter Motion Through Space And Time
Solution: Physics

Question: Tall Headwear Or A Drummers Cymbals
Solution: High hat

Question: The Creepy Shirley Jackson Short Story
Solution: Lottery

Question: The Grass Is Like This On The Other Side
Solution: Greener

Question: They Opposed The Ghibellines
Solution: Guelphs

Question: To Come Down From A Higher Place
Solution: Descend

Question: Web Treats Designed To Remember Who You Are
Solution: Cookies

Question: You Bet Your Life Host Marx
Solution: Groucho

Question: Cage Actor Of Leaving Las Vegas
Solution: Nicolas

Question: City Is The Home Of The Pope
Solution: Vatican

Question: Mode Electronic Rockers Gahan Gore Fletcher
Solution: Depeche

Question: Cities Carefully Developed Settlements
Solution: Planned

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