Codycross Seasons Group 74 Puzzle 4 Answers

Codycross Answers Seasons

Codycross Seasons Answers displayed and are sorted by the order they appear on the game.
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Codycross Seasons Answers

Question: Act Of Robbery Or Criminal Violence At Sea
Solution: Piracy

Question: Admiral Mon Calamari Commander In Star Wars
Solution: Ackbar

Question: Allan Poe Suggested A Solution For This Paradox
Solution: Olbers

Question: Angelic Being Often Portrayed As A Small Child
Solution: Cherub

Question: Fluffy Usually White Long Eared Mammal
Solution: Rabbit

Question: Global Tea Brand
Solution: Lipton

Question: King James US Star Of Cleveland Cavaliers
Solution: Lebron

Question: Leading Figure Of The Pop Art Movement
Solution: Warhol

Question: Opposite Of Wide
Solution: Narrow

Question: Someone Who Accepts Bets On Sports
Solution: Bookie

Question: They Also Have Striped Skin
Solution: Tigers

Question: Unearthly Non Angelic Being Of Western Religions
Solution: Cherub

Question: What Youre Doing To Get Leaves Off The Grass
Solution: Raking

Question: Worlds Largest Rainforest
Solution: Amazon

Question: Bailey Slacker US Military Comic Character
Solution: Beetle

Question: Holds A Place For Those Who Pray Mrs Robinson
Solution: Heaven

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