Codycross Seasons Group 74 Puzzle 3 Answers

Codycross Answers Seasons

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Codycross Seasons Answers

Question: A Large Pad Used Mainly For Sleeping Purposes
Solution: Mattress

Question: Aka The Body Coach Wrote Lean In 15
Solution: Joe wicks

Question: Antonio Plays Puss In Boots In The Film Shrek
Solution: Banderas

Question: Art Of Weaving Or Plaiting Fibers Into Carriers
Solution: Basketry

Question: Babies Are Born Without These
Solution: Kneecaps

Question: Charons Occupation Legendary Carrier Of The Dead
Solution: Ferryman

Question: Drinkware Not Made Of Glass Or Acrylic
Solution: Paper cup

Question: Furniture Used To Store Clothes
Solution: Wardrobe

Question: GI Joe A Real Hero
Solution: American

Question: Having Brown Or Black Hair
Solution: Brunette

Question: Hidden Dangers
Solution: Pitfalls

Question: Mesopotamian City
Solution: Seleucia

Question: Neither Municipal Nor Provincial Or State Related
Solution: National

Question: One Of The Most Famous Songs By The Ronettes
Solution: Be my baby

Question: Process Of Moving Items From Place To Place
Solution: Shipping

Question: Protein From Hunted Not Domestic Animals
Solution: Game meat

Question: Sacred First Month Of Islamic Calendar
Solution: Muharram

Question: Tiny Atmospheric Thing It Can Be Accelerated
Solution: Particle

Question: Without Any Danger
Solution: Risk free

Question: Away Japanese Animation From Studio Ghibli
Solution: Spirited

Question: Durer Painted Adam And Eve
Solution: Albrecht

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