Codycross Seasons Group 74 Puzzle 2 Answers

Codycross Answers Seasons

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Codycross Seasons Answers

Question: A Mind Won The Academy Awards In 2002
Solution: Beautiful

Question: A Sort Of Hay Mannequin Found In Open Fields
Solution: Scarecrow

Question: Comedy Central Adult Cartoon That Killed Kenny
Solution: South park

Question: Erratic Mercurial
Solution: Vagarious

Question: Found Mostly Between Mars And Jupiter
Solution: Asteroids

Question: Hazardous
Solution: Dangerous

Question: Michael Jacksons Ranch Home With On Site Funfair
Solution: Neverland

Question: Mosquitoes Are More To The Color Blue
Solution: Attracted

Question: New Orleans Bridge Named After Shot Senator
Solution: Huey p long

Question: Professional Who Selects And Serves Wine
Solution: Sommelier

Question: Risky 1991 Michael Jackson Album
Solution: Dangerous

Question: Some Evening Big Ballad Hit From South Pacific
Solution: Enchanted

Question: The Lead Singer Of The British Band Joy Division
Solution: Ian curtis

Question: Treatment To Repair A Damaged Tooth
Solution: Rootcanal

Question: Universal Language
Solution: Esperanto

Question: Unlawful Guardian
Solution: Vigilante

Question: Clairy Batis Princess Of Yugoslavia
Solution: Katherine

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