Codycross Seasons Group 74 Puzzle 1 Answers

Codycross Answers Seasons

Codycross Seasons Answers displayed and are sorted by the order they appear on the game.
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Codycross Seasons Answers

Question: 80s George Lucas Fantasy Movie Also A Tree
Solution: Willow

Question: Arm Muscles Men Like To Show Off
Solution: Biceps

Question: Avid ESports Players
Solution: Gamers

Question: Character Of Woody In The Toy Story Series
Solution: Cowboy

Question: Clarity Of Mind
Solution: Sanity

Question: Fixed Expressions With Figurative Meaning
Solution: Idioms

Question: Four Keys That Cover All Cardinal Directions
Solution: Arrows

Question: Guerilla Movement Of The French Resistance
Solution: Maquis

Question: Halogen Element Used To Treat Thyroid Problems
Solution: Iodine

Question: Incoherent Baby Speak
Solution: Babble

Question: Long Running Kids TV Show Hey
Solution: Arnold

Question: Misprints
Solution: Errata

Question: Polished Hard
Solution: Buffed

Question: Predatory Green Insect With Grasping Front Legs
Solution: Mantis

Question: Ring Of Light Surrounding A Saints Head
Solution: Nimbus

Question: Rural Countryside Style Of Decor
Solution: Rustic

Question: Something Inherited Through Generations
Solution: Legacy

Question: Tiny Nation On The Island Of Borneo
Solution: Brunei

Question: Wife Of Esau In The Bible Female Version Of Jude
Solution: Judith

Question: Women Mourning Their Deceased Husbands
Solution: Widows

Question: Your Double Never Fails To Be There
Solution: Mirror

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