Codycross Seasons Group 73 Puzzle 5 Answers

Codycross Answers Seasons

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Codycross Seasons Answers

Question: Author Whose Girlfriend Left Him For Chaplin
Solution: Salinger

Question: Basso The Deepest Of Voices
Solution: Profondo

Question: Ben Is A Sleuthing Dr Watson In Without A Clue
Solution: Kingsley

Question: Construction On Which To Hang Convicts
Solution: Scaffold

Question: Consuming Liquids
Solution: Drinking

Question: Cushioned Softened The Blow
Solution: Buffered

Question: Echo The Scouse Hitmakers Of The 1980s
Solution: Bunnymen

Question: Grey His Influence Is Underhand
Solution: Eminence

Question: In The Becalmed
Solution: Doldrums

Question: Leading Character Drawn By Tom Clancy
Solution: Jack ryan

Question: Medieval Knightly Code A Gentleman
Solution: Chivalry

Question: Miquelons Twin Island Overseas Land Of France
Solution: St pierre

Question: Native American Word For Grassy Plain
Solution: Savannah

Question: Not Masculine Taurus Virgo Etc Are Signs
Solution: Feminine

Question: Occupation Of Comic Strip Character Dilbert
Solution: Engineer

Question: Pizza Franchise With A Red Roof Logo
Solution: Pizza hut

Question: Self Righteous Smug
Solution: Priggish

Question: Text Translation For Foreign Movies
Solution: Subtitle

Question: The Minotaurs Mother
Solution: Pasiphae

Question: The Conservation Of Woodlands
Solution: Forestry

Question: This Type Of Bleeding Should Cause Alarm
Solution: Internal

Question: Working Out And Physical Activity As A Hobby
Solution: Exercise

Question: Worlds Largest Pizza Franchise Not Found In Italy
Solution: Pizza hut

Question: Court Mock Or Unofficial Legal Proceedings
Solution: Kangaroo

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