Codycross Seasons Group 73 Puzzle 4 Answers

Codycross Answers Seasons

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Codycross Seasons Answers

Question: A Person Trained To Assist Women In Childbirth
Solution: Midwife

Question: Ad Argument Attacks The Person Not Idea
Solution: Hominem

Question: Area For Keeping Prisoners Usually For Torture
Solution: Dungeon

Question: Boiled Cornmeal Porridge Italian Grits
Solution: Polenta

Question: Center Of Scottish Culture
Solution: Glasgow

Question: Disease Of Cattle And Sheep And Passed To Humans
Solution: Anthrax

Question: First Woman According To The Greek Mythology
Solution: Pandora

Question: Football Unit Who Moves The Ball Down The Field
Solution: Offense

Question: Great Reef Australias Ecosystem Under Threat
Solution: Barrier

Question: Isabel Chilean American Famous For Magic Realism
Solution: Allende

Question: John Constables Birthplace
Solution: Suffolk

Question: Kids Guessing Game May Result In Execution
Solution: Hangman

Question: McLennan Arch Is Found In This Scottish City
Solution: Glasgow

Question: Medical Pump Used To Inject Medicines Vaccines
Solution: Syringe

Question: One Who Renounces Ones Beliefs Under Oath
Solution: Abjurer

Question: Pocket Italian Pasta Covered With Sauce
Solution: Ravioli

Question: With Impurities Removed
Solution: Filtered

Question: Hills Chihuahua Is A 2008 Disney Adventure Film
Solution: Beverly

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