Codycross Seasons Group 73 Puzzle 2 Answers

Codycross Answers Seasons

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Codycross Seasons Answers

Question: A Bird Of Prey Found In Almost All Continents
Solution: Falcon

Question: Also Called Oedema
Solution: Dropsy

Question: Boys Town Hero Played By Spencer Tracy Father
Solution: Edward

Question: Cheddar Or Mozzarella
Solution: Cheese

Question: Climb Go Upward Move Toward The Top
Solution: Ascend

Question: Crystal Used In Watches
Solution: Quartz

Question: French Kickboxing That Allows Shoes
Solution: Savate

Question: Hurting Feeling Sore And Tired
Solution: Aching

Question: Narrow Ones Eyes
Solution: Squint

Question: Naturalist Known For The Evolutionary Theory
Solution: Darwin

Question: Olive Peace Offering
Solution: Branch

Question: Planned Direction Or Route To Travel
Solution: Course

Question: Queen Victorias Husband Prince
Solution: Albert

Question: Raises A Glass And Clinks With Others
Solution: Toasts

Question: Religion That Celebrates Hanukkah Holiday
Solution: Jewish

Question: Title Character Of Oscar Wildes Masterpiece
Solution: Dorian

Question: Top Award Given By The Music Industry
Solution: Grammy

Question: Unaligned Eyes Medically Called Strabismus
Solution: Squint

Question: Won The Academy Award For Best Movie In 1971
Solution: Patton

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