Codycross Seasons Group 72 Puzzle 4 Answers

Codycross Answers Seasons

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Codycross Seasons Answers

Question: 30 In The French Language
Solution: Trente

Question: Band Worn Around The Leg To Keep Stockings Up
Solution: Garter

Question: Beetle Who Pushes The Sun In Egyptian Mythology
Solution: Khepri

Question: Entreat Beseech
Solution: Adjure

Question: Faculty To Encode Store And Retrieve Information
Solution: Memory

Question: French Philosopher Who Refused A Nobel Prize
Solution: Sartre

Question: Greek God Of Beauty
Solution: Adonis

Question: Grouped Set Of Lines In A Poem
Solution: Stanza

Question: Happens Quickly Unexpectedly
Solution: Sudden

Question: Huge Ornate Chair Upon Which Royals Sit
Solution: Throne

Question: In Africa Respectful Form Of Address To Men
Solution: Bwanas

Question: Inventor Of The Phonograph Thomas
Solution: Edison

Question: It Is Not Science It Is Not So Difficult
Solution: Rocket

Question: Loss Items Sold Below Cost Price As Incentives
Solution: Leader

Question: Means To Gain Something Also A Street
Solution: Avenue

Question: Pacific State Destination For Kid Computer Game
Solution: Oregon

Question: Pasture Paddock
Solution: Meadow

Question: Root Of A Plant Used As A Spice Or For Tea
Solution: Ginger

Question: Soldier Anagram Of Airmen
Solution: Marine

Question: Someone Who Has Low Red Blood Cell Count
Solution: Anemic

Question: Workplace Of Artists Actors Musicians
Solution: Studio

Question: Globes Given By Hollywood Foreign Press
Solution: Golden

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