Codycross Seasons Group 71 Puzzle 3 Answers

Codycross Answers Seasons

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Codycross Seasons Answers

Question: Being Found Responsible For An Illegal Act
Solution: Guilty

Question: Capital Of Cuba
Solution: Havana

Question: Crystal Mineral 2nd Most Popular On Earth
Solution: Quartz

Question: Everybody Was Fighting Chinese Martial Art
Solution: Kung fu

Question: Former Name For Potassium Used In Fertilizers
Solution: Potash

Question: German Who Initiated The Romantic Literature
Solution: Goethe

Question: Harmful Evil Or Damaging
Solution: Malign

Question: Hordes
Solution: Crowds

Question: Material Made From Animal Skin To Write On
Solution: Vellum

Question: Nathuram Godse Assassinated Him In 1948
Solution: Gandhi

Question: Not A Veteran Often Blamed For Mistakes
Solution: Newbie

Question: OSHA Occupational And Health Administration
Solution: Safety

Question: Old Testament Strongman With Long Hair
Solution: Samson

Question: Position Of The Anchor Just Above The Sea Floor
Solution: Aweigh

Question: Singer Morrissey Was Lead For Rock Band The
Solution: Smiths

Question: Soaked Up The Sun Skin Turned A Shade Darker
Solution: Tanned

Question: Socrates Student Understanding The Good
Solution: Euclid

Question: Sporting Fish With Long Pointy Nose
Solution: Marlin

Question: The Fourth Stands For The Media At Large
Solution: Estate

Question: Tiny Amount Of Food
Solution: Morsel

Question: To Soak Up Liquid Sponge Or Towel
Solution: Absorb

Question: Water That Reached 100 C Or 212 F At Sea Level
Solution: Boiled

Question: Soze Usual Suspects Con Artist
Solution: Keyser

Question: Talkie Two Way Radio 80s Toy Essential
Solution: Walkie

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