Codycross Seasons Group 69 Puzzle 4 Answers

Codycross Answers Seasons

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Codycross Seasons Answers

Question: 16th Century Monarch Six Times Married
Solution: Henry viii

Question: Benito Leader Of The Italian Social Republic
Solution: Mussolini

Question: Brand Synonymous With Airport Luggage
Solution: Samsonite

Question: Feeling Irritated Bitter For Being Treated Poorly
Solution: Resentful

Question: Fosters Home For Friends Animated Show
Solution: Imaginary

Question: Fosters Home For Friends Cartoon About Monsters
Solution: Imaginary

Question: Hope Is A Good But A Poor Supper
Solution: Breakfast

Question: It Has Hairy Skin And Green Flesh
Solution: Kiwifruit

Question: Language Also Known As Rusyn
Solution: Ruthenian

Question: Make Something Known In Order To Sell It
Solution: Advertise

Question: Makes Music Sound Louder
Solution: Amplifier

Question: Mr Rogets Invaluable Book
Solution: Thesaurus

Question: Pellet Of Frozen Rain That Falls During A Storm
Solution: Hailstone

Question: Piece Of Ice Falls From Above During A Storm
Solution: Hailstone

Question: Release From Repressed Emotions
Solution: Catharsis

Question: This 1980s Movie Had Kevin Bacon In A Lead Role
Solution: Footloose

Question: Type Of Tree That Never Loses Its Leaves
Solution: Evergreen

Question: Utensil In Which Fleming Developed Antibiotics
Solution: Petri dish

Question: Worlds Tallest Waterfall Is In This Country
Solution: Venezuela

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