Codycross Seasons Group 69 Puzzle 3 Answers

Codycross Answers Seasons

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Codycross Seasons Answers

Question: Another Word For An Actor
Solution: Thespian

Question: Asian Spice Root Of The Ginger Family
Solution: Turmeric

Question: Chart That Tells You The Days Of The Month
Solution: Calendar

Question: Drug That Calms Puts Patients To Sleep
Solution: Sedative

Question: Expression Indirect Reference In Writing
Solution: Allusion

Question: Freshwater Fish Most Commonly Kept As Pet
Solution: Goldfish

Question: Gets Ownership Of
Solution: Acquires

Question: It Is Formed By Bones Such As Clavicle And Scapula
Solution: Shoulder

Question: Italian Fried Slices Of Meat Cooked In Own Juices
Solution: Braciole

Question: Long Flat Bottomed Sled Used For Sliding On Ice
Solution: Toboggan

Question: Machete Like One Handed Sword Of Medieval Europe
Solution: Falchion

Question: Making First Appearance In A Play
Solution: Debuting

Question: Martin Comedian Starring In Bad Boys
Solution: Lawrence

Question: Multi Armed Demonic Being Of Hindu Mythology
Solution: Rakshasa

Question: Never The Favorite Cartoon Dog
Solution: Underdog

Question: Never The Preferred Cartoon Pooch
Solution: Underdog

Question: Ophelias Father Stabbed By Hamlet
Solution: Polonius

Question: Product Sold Only In Certain Times Of The Year
Solution: Seasonal

Question: Setting Alight
Solution: Torching

Question: Soap From Unilever Could Save A Life At Sea
Solution: Lifebuoy

Question: System Of Money Coins And Notes
Solution: Currency

Question: Those Who Watch A Show Or Play
Solution: Audience

Question: Writer Of Civil Rights Songs In The 1960s
Solution: Bob dylan

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