Codycross Seasons Group 69 Puzzle 1 Answers

Codycross Answers Seasons

Codycross Seasons Answers displayed and are sorted by the order they appear on the game.
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Codycross Seasons Answers

Question: 1997 Robin Williams Film With Green Slime
Solution: Flubber

Question: Animal Plant Having No Sex Organs
Solution: Asexual

Question: Arcangelo Violinist Composer And Captain
Solution: Corelli

Question: Become Too Big For
Solution: Outgrow

Question: Boarding House For Multiple Felines
Solution: Cattery

Question: Bureaucratic Rules To Stick By
Solution: Red tape

Question: Called South West Africa Until 1990
Solution: Namibia

Question: Capital Of Wisconsin
Solution: Madison

Question: Coffeehouse Expert
Solution: Barista

Question: Common Bird Spotted In Towns And Garden Hedges
Solution: Sparrow

Question: Deep Red
Solution: Crimson

Question: Disease That Causes Production Of Too Few Steroids
Solution: Addison

Question: Flexible Athlete
Solution: Gymnast

Question: Hanging Foiled Messages Wishing Seasons Greetings
Solution: Banners

Question: Harold Sold His Academy Award At An Auction
Solution: Russell

Question: Line Where The Sky Meets The Earth
Solution: Horizon

Question: Milanese Dish With Saffron
Solution: Risotto

Question: Person Who Comes In Between To Facilitate Things
Solution: Liaison

Question: Place Where Aircrafts Take Off And Land
Solution: Airport

Question: Place Where Planes Take Off And Land
Solution: Airport

Question: Reproduction Without The Fusion Of Gametes
Solution: Asexual

Question: Rummy Like Game Originally From Uruguay
Solution: Canasta

Question: Shape That Has Sharp Corners
Solution: Angular

Question: Supermans Version Of Mr Hyde
Solution: Bizarro

Question: The State Of Mind Of A Sad Person
Solution: Unhappy

Question: There Is No Garden Its Weeds
Solution: Without

Question: Unironed Scrunched Up
Solution: Creased

Question: And Cressida A Shakespeares Tragedy
Solution: Troilus

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