Codycross Seasons Group 68 Puzzle 5 Answers

Codycross Answers Seasons

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Codycross Seasons Answers

Question: Taste On A Beer Budget
Solution: Champagne

Question: A Spell Of Hardship
Solution: Lean patch

Question: A Combine Is Used To Collect Wheat
Solution: Harvester

Question: A Synthetised Substitute For Sugar
Solution: Aspartame

Question: A Yes Man
Solution: Sycophant

Question: According To The Song Johnny B Goode Is From
Solution: Louisiana

Question: Cemetery Marker
Solution: Headstone

Question: Facial Hair That Extends Below The Ears
Solution: Sideburns

Question: Fair Skinned Person
Solution: Caucasian

Question: Golden Is Popular As A Guide Dog For The Blind
Solution: Retriever

Question: Himalayan Capital Mt Everest Starting Point
Solution: Kathmandu

Question: Intentional A Penalty Against The Quarterback
Solution: Grounding

Question: January 15th Zodiac Sign
Solution: Capricorn

Question: Large Rodent With Spines On The Body And Tail
Solution: Porcupine

Question: Lines Of Latitude
Solution: Parallels

Question: Measure Of The Quality Of A Digital Photo
Solution: Megapixel

Question: Mind Reading Clairvoyance
Solution: Telepathy

Question: Old Time Medicinal Paste Mixing Honey And Herbs
Solution: Electuary

Question: Patient In This Board Game Is Named Cavity Sam
Solution: Operation

Question: Persian Creature With Human Head Bat Wings
Solution: Manticore

Question: Run Faster Than Someone Else
Solution: Outsprint

Question: Saving From Dump Rescuing From The Rubbish
Solution: Salvaging

Question: Something That Is Priced Very High Costly
Solution: Expensive

Question: Spanish Writer Of Don Quixote
Solution: Cervantes

Question: Sweet Beverage Discovered By Mayans And Aztecs
Solution: Chocolate

Question: At Tiffanys Movie With Audrey Hepburn
Solution: Breakfast

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