Codycross Seasons Group 68 Puzzle 2 Answers

Codycross Answers Seasons

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Codycross Seasons Answers

Question: A Pack Of Camels Or In The UK A House On Wheels
Solution: Caravan

Question: Abuja Not Lagos Is Capital Of This African State
Solution: Nigeria

Question: Add Liquid To Food Residue On A Pan To Make Sauce
Solution: Deglaze

Question: Asian Paper Folding
Solution: Origami

Question: Australias First Female PM Julia
Solution: Gillard

Question: Dagger Type Weapon On The End Of A Gun Muzzle
Solution: Bayonet

Question: Dan Comedy Actor One Of The Blues Brothers
Solution: Aykroyd

Question: Fried Thin Round Cake Of Batter
Solution: Pancake

Question: It Takes More Than One To Make A Summer
Solution: Swallow

Question: Kill Joy Spoil Sport
Solution: Marplot

Question: Lost In A Daydream
Solution: Reverie

Question: Make These Stronger By Exercising
Solution: Muscles

Question: Nearest And Those You Care Most About
Solution: Dearest

Question: Psychological Test
Solution: Inkblot

Question: Rectangular Shaped Hatchet Used In The Kitchen
Solution: Cleaver

Question: Something That Is An Advantage
Solution: Benefit

Question: This Poisonous Plant Killed Prisoners In Old Times
Solution: Hemlock

Question: Tiger Woods Real First Name
Solution: Eldrick

Question: Tiny Marine Crustacean With Six Pairs Of Limbs
Solution: Copepod

Question: And Spills Excitement And Exhilaration
Solution: Thrills

Question: And The 40 Thieves
Solution: Ali baba

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