Codycross Seasons Group 67 Puzzle 4 Answers

Codycross Answers Seasons

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Codycross Seasons Answers

Question: Album And Song Genre That Balloons Are Scared Of
Solution: Pop music

Question: Album By Progressive Power Metal Band Viathyn
Solution: Cynosure

Question: Attacked By Surprise
Solution: Ambushed

Question: Body Of Water Where The Isle Of Man Lies
Solution: Irish sea

Question: Camera Brand With Instant Printed Photo
Solution: Polaroid

Question: Christ The Brazil Statue And New Seven Wonder
Solution: Redeemer

Question: Co Founded Band Aid With Bob Geldof
Solution: Midge ure

Question: Creating Patterns In Knitting With Many Colors
Solution: Intarsia

Question: Decoration That Is Sewn Onto A Piece Of Cloth
Solution: Appliqué

Question: Early Followers Of Jesus Who Spread His Message
Solution: Apostles

Question: Emetophobia Is The Fear Of
Solution: Vomiting

Question: First Female Prime Minister Of The UK Margaret
Solution: Thatcher

Question: French Word Small Store That Sells High Fashion
Solution: Boutique

Question: Gland That Can Only Be Found In Male Anatomy
Solution: Prostate

Question: Her Mothers Image Very Much Alike
Solution: Spitting

Question: Inventor Of The X Ray Wilhelm
Solution: Roentgen

Question: Moon In Jupiter Not Affected By Tidal Heating
Solution: Callisto

Question: Non Believers
Solution: Atheists

Question: Only City Located On Two Continents
Solution: Istanbul

Question: Sovereign State Run By An Elected Individual
Solution: Republic

Question: Sweetened Frozen Dessert Made From Milk
Solution: Ice cream

Question: The Surname Of An Italian Family Depicted In Films
Solution: Corleone

Question: Type Of Music Balloons Are Scared Of
Solution: Pop music

Question: Worlds Deadliest Animal
Solution: Mosquito

Question: Safran Foer Author Known For Visual Writing
Solution: Jonathan

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