Codycross Seasons Group 67 Puzzle 2 Answers

Codycross Answers Seasons

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Codycross Seasons Answers

Question: Activity That Is The End Or The Purpose
Solution: Autotelic

Question: Blind Superhero With Enhanced Senses
Solution: Daredevil

Question: Clay Plastic Or Ceramic Container For Plants
Solution: Flower pot

Question: Collection Of Investments
Solution: Portfolio

Question: Container For Making And Pouring A Morning Drink
Solution: Coffee pot

Question: Cop Checkpoint
Solution: Roadblock

Question: Country Where Paul Keating Was Prime Minister
Solution: Australia

Question: DJ And Lead Singer Of Culture Club
Solution: Boy george

Question: Day Of Atonement
Solution: Yom kippur

Question: Formal Greeting Among Businessmen
Solution: Handshake

Question: Glenn Reported Snowdens Story To The World
Solution: Greenwald

Question: Greeting Among Men In Most Western Cultures
Solution: Handshake

Question: Johannes Pioneer Of Movable Type Printing
Solution: Gutenberg

Question: NP Means This Absence Of Worries
Solution: No problem

Question: Night When You Cant See Well In The Dark
Solution: Blindness

Question: Repetition Of The Vowel Sound
Solution: Assonance

Question: Snoopys Pal Famous US Hippy Festival In The 1960s
Solution: Woodstock

Question: Symbol Of Punk Worn In Clothing Or As A Piercing
Solution: Safety pin

Question: The Seeds Of The Fruit Of The Cacao Tree Make This
Solution: Chocolate

Question: This High Walking Is Also Called Funambulism
Solution: Tightrope

Question: To Get A General Idea About Value Size Or Cost
Solution: Calculate

Question: Variety Of Peach Family With Smooth Skin
Solution: Nectarine

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