Codycross Seasons Group 66 Puzzle 4 Answers

Codycross Answers Seasons

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Codycross Seasons Answers

Question: Appendage That Gave Daniel Day Lewis An Oscar
Solution: Left foot

Question: Argument Disagreement Essential To A Plot
Solution: Conflict

Question: Concise Observation General Truth
Solution: Aphorism

Question: Destroying Crashing
Solution: Wrecking

Question: Disdainfully Or Skeptically Humorous
Solution: Sardonic

Question: Feeling Of Intense Joy And Delight
Solution: Euphoria

Question: Grip
Solution: Traction

Question: How People See Things When They Agree
Solution: Eye to eye

Question: Limb That Gave Daniel Day Lewis An Oscar
Solution: Left foot

Question: Partner To Train With In Boxing
Solution: Sparring

Question: Partner Who Allows You To Hit Him To Improve Form
Solution: Sparring

Question: Powerpuff Girls Supervillain
Solution: Mojo jojo

Question: Song Recorded By Elvis Presley In 1956
Solution: Hound dog

Question: Sugary Beverage Made From Sassafras
Solution: Root beer

Question: The Chamber Of Lobbies For Business Interests
Solution: Commerce

Question: Type Of Job Held By The Two Broke Girls
Solution: Waitress

Question: With Sodom Cities Consumed By Fire And Brimstone
Solution: Gomorrah

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