Codycross Seasons Group 66 Puzzle 2 Answers

Codycross Answers Seasons

Codycross Seasons Answers displayed and are sorted by the order they appear on the game.
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Codycross Seasons Answers

Question: American Jazz Trumpeter
Solution: Chet baker

Question: Babys Literature With 3D Cutaways
Solution: Pop up book

Question: Cowboy Mouthpiece After Meal Dental Cleaner
Solution: Toothpick

Question: Feared Publicly Run Institution For The Poor
Solution: Workhouse

Question: Gritty Item Used For Smoothing Before Painting
Solution: Sandpaper

Question: Illumination Source That Hangs From The Ceiling
Solution: Lightbulb

Question: Inane Rambling Punch Drunk
Solution: Slap happy

Question: Known For Cheap Flights Named After A US Region
Solution: Southwest

Question: Lookouts Lofty Platform
Solution: Crows nest

Question: Mispronunciation Of R As L
Solution: Lallation

Question: Modern Upscale Pub With Better Than Average Food
Solution: Gastropub

Question: Native Of Brooklyn Or Queens In The US
Solution: New yorker

Question: Novel By Nora Ephron Based On Her Failed Marriage
Solution: Heartburn

Question: Numbers With Three Zeroes
Solution: Thousands

Question: Planet Home Of The Transformers
Solution: Cybertron

Question: Protestants Who Put Faith In Martin Luthers Ideas
Solution: Lutherans

Question: Semi Historical King Of Uruk
Solution: Gilgamesh

Question: Someone Who Causes The Heavens To Open By Dancing
Solution: Rainmaker

Question: Tasty White Nut Used In Desserts Ice Cream
Solution: Macadamia

Question: The Season Of Good Cheer
Solution: Christmas

Question: Thin Tipped Pen
Solution: Fineliner

Question: What A Stitch In Time Does
Solution: Saves nine

Question: What The End Does To The Means
Solution: Justifies

Question: Writes For The Stage
Solution: Dramatist

Question: Language Mixture Of Two Languages
Solution: Macaronic

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