Codycross Seasons Group 65 Puzzle 2 Answers

Codycross Answers Seasons

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Codycross Seasons Answers

Question: A Monstrous Dog With 3 Heads In Greek Mythology
Solution: Cerberus

Question: Capital Of The British Virgin Islands
Solution: Roadtown

Question: Considering Mulling
Solution: Thinking

Question: Extended Poetry Iliad
Solution: Long poem

Question: Family Name Of Austrian Singers In The Sound Of Music
Solution: Von trapp

Question: Family Of Austrian Singers In A Movie
Solution: Von trapp

Question: In Boxing Blow Aimed At The Chin From Underneath
Solution: Uppercut

Question: Italian Adventurer Synonymous With Lover
Solution: Casanova

Question: Just One Can Spoil The Whole Fruit Barrel
Solution: Bad apple

Question: Makes And Sells Glasses And Lenses
Solution: Optician

Question: Many Pirates Wear This Accessory
Solution: Eyepatch

Question: Patron Saint Of Children
Solution: Nicholas

Question: Satyrs Are Usually Depicted Playing Them
Solution: Panpipes

Question: Spanish King Gave Name To Asian Islands Country
Solution: Philip ii

Question: Spring Onion
Solution: Scallion

Question: State Where The University Town Of Stillwater Is
Solution: Oklahoma

Question: Strong Scented US Southwest Mexican Tree
Solution: Mesquite

Question: Table Mountain City
Solution: Cape town

Question: The One Who Occupies Abandoned Buildings Land
Solution: Squatter

Question: Vegetable That Is A Fungus
Solution: Mushroom

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