Codycross Seasons Group 62 Puzzle 4 Answers

Codycross Answers Seasons

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Codycross Seasons Answers

Question: A Orange Is Burgesss Violent Dystopian Story
Solution: Clockwork

Question: A Professional Space Traveler
Solution: Astronaut

Question: A Professional Space Voyager
Solution: Astronaut

Question: Air Force Officer Units
Solution: Squadrons

Question: British Town That Hosts A Famous Dancesport Event
Solution: Blackpool

Question: Bushy Tailed Rodents In The Sciuridae Family
Solution: Squirrels

Question: Formal Legal Document That Supports A Claim
Solution: Complaint

Question: Fruity Month Of The French Revolutionary Calendar
Solution: Fructidor

Question: Groundbreaking Western Mountain
Solution: Brokeback

Question: IM Instant Or Chatting
Solution: Messaging

Question: Location Of Kenny Rogers Islands
Solution: The stream

Question: Mental Disorder With Delusions And Hallucinations
Solution: Psychosis

Question: Muscle Located Behind The Thigh Sometimes Pulled
Solution: Hamstring

Question: Pause Shopping For A Coffee At This Mermaid Cafe
Solution: Starbucks

Question: Rodents In The Sciuridae Family Very Wary Of Dogs
Solution: Squirrels

Question: Roll Over Hit Recorded By Chuck Berry
Solution: Beethoven

Question: Rural Agricultural Residence
Solution: Farmhouse

Question: Shoppers In A Retail Store
Solution: Customers

Question: Small Citrus Fruit Close To A Mandarin Orange
Solution: Tangerine

Question: Stanzas With No Specific Pattern
Solution: Astrophic

Question: The Federations Deep Space Explorers
Solution: Starfleet

Question: They Are Always Right
Solution: Customers

Question: Tumor That Spreads To Other Tissues Cancerous
Solution: Malignant

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